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    Interactive Web Platform

    The Interactive Web Platform is your one-stop location for tools, resources, education and information (TRIE) regarding everything eHealth! IWP-homepage

    Foundational Curriculum:

    Foundational Curriculum Overview | Foundational Curriculum Units

    The EU*US eHealth Foundational Curriculum is a global introductory online course in eHealth. It provides baseline and basic eHealth skills (digital competency in healthcare) upon completion. Discover more by clicking on the overview or on the access to units above.
    Sample Foundational Curriculum Page Unit Slide Sample

    Interactive Education Demonstrator Modules: Cybersecurity | Foundational Curriculum | HITComp

    The Interactive Education Demonstrator Modules provide video instruction, presentations, information and materials that relate to the real-life application of education, skills and competency development related to the eHealth workforce. Our compendium website can be found here: IED Website


    The Skills Knowledge and Assessment Development Framework (SKAD) is a self-assessment questionnaire that helps actors in or considering going into the healthcare field to better understand their digital literacy skills

SKAD Title Page

HITComp is a searchable database designed for educators, workforce developers, current and future workforce members, students, eHealth managers, staffing experts and other interested parties in healthcare information technology/eHealth. The HITComp Tool and Repository can be used to compile information on skills and competencies needed for a variety of healthcare roles, levels and areas of knowledge.

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